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23. září 2023 v 13:21
روش ساخت آیدی اپل
23. září 2023 v 06:59
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23. září 2023 v 06:58
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22. září 2023 v 12:47
Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Buy Online in U
Elevate your auditory journey with the Apple AirPods Pro, the 2nd generation. These cutting-edge earbuds harness the power of the upgraded H2 chip, delivering an enhanced noise cancellation experience and immersive three-dimensional sound. With real-time Adaptive EQ, your music is dynamically tailored to your ears, ensuring crystal-clear high notes and deep, resonant bass with unparalleled clarity.

The addition of Active Noise Cancellation means you can now enjoy double the level of unwanted sound reduction, making these AirPods Pro your ideal companions during commutes or when you need laser-like focus. Thanks to Adaptive Transparency, these earbuds adeptly filter and adjust the intensity of loud noises a remarkable 48,000 times per second, enabling you to stay in tune with your surroundings no matter where you are.

Craft a listening experience that's uniquely yours by selecting from four sizes of flexible silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L) for a perfect acoustic seal and a comfortable fit. Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking ensures sound elements are precisely positioned in the space around you. Moreover, the Adaptive EQ ensures your music is finely tuned to your ears, guaranteeing consistently detailed playback every time.

With up to 6 hours of uninterrupted listening time on a single charge and a remarkable 30 hours with the MagSafe Charging Case, your music can be your constant companion throughout the day. Wireless charging is a breeze; simply place the case on an Apple Watch charger or a MagSafe charger.

The re-engineered MagSafe Charging Case comes equipped with the U1 chip, featuring Precision Finding, enabling you to effortlessly locate your case. Even if it's hidden away, you can trigger sounds from the built-in speaker, thanks to this innovative feature. Furthermore, the built-in lanyard loop allows you to attach your case to a backpack or handbag, ensuring it's always within easy reach. These IPX4 sweat and water-resistant
22. září 2023 v 12:46
Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128GB Midnight with FaceTime
Enhance your mobile and tablet experience with the Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128GB Midnight, an international version designed for the Middle East. This impressive smartphone introduces a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display, delivering stunning visuals regardless of lighting conditions.

Capture your cherished moments with confidence using its advanced dual-camera system, featuring a 12MP Main lens and a 12MP Ultrawide lens, complete with Portrait mode, Smart HDR 4, and the ability to record 4K Dolby Vision HDR videos at up to 60 fps. Elevate your selfie game with the 12MP TrueDepth front camera, equipped with Portrait mode and Smart HDR 4.

Stay seamlessly connected and assured of safety with essential features like Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash Detection. Notably, this iPhone combines power with durability, thanks to its robust Ceramic Shield front, glass back, and aluminum construction, granting it water and dust-resistant capabilities (rated IP68).

Furthermore, the potent battery empowers you with up to 26 hours of video playback and supports fast charging, offering a remarkable 50% charge in approximately 30 minutes.

Explore exclusive offers and unbeatable deals on the Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128GB Midnight with FaceTime in its Middle East Version. Elevate your mobile and tablet experience today!

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22. září 2023 v 07:00
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21. září 2023 v 21:03
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21. září 2023 v 19:16
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21. září 2023 v 19:15
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21. září 2023 v 17:57
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21. září 2023 v 15:27
Jon Hovis
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21. září 2023 v 14:45
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21. září 2023 v 14:30
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21. září 2023 v 09:05
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